Sunday, April 6, 2014

What is Your Motivation?

Do you know what motivates you?

Your motivator is your DRIVE.  It acts as your fuel.  It drives you forward to achieve something, or it can drive you away from something.

Various motivators may be-:
               Independence – “I like to work alone – my way”
               Excellence – “I am excellent at what I do”
               Meaning – “I make a real difference in my job”
               Control – “I like to be in control of …”
               Appreciation – “I am recognized & respected by others”
               Permanence – “I like to know the future”
               Prestige – “I have status”
               Fellowship – “I belong to a group or team”
               Prosperity – “I am rich and prosperous”
               Learning – “I like to learn something new and then move on to learning the next thing”

Which of the above motivates you?

It is important that you understand the influence of your motivators on your behavior and drive to do or complete something.  If you are in a job where you work contrary to your fundamental motivator(s), you will feel unfulfilled or un-energized and not know what is wrong.

Maybe it is time to find your motivator.

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